Case Report: A Case of Disseminated Burkitt’s Lymphoma with Involvement of the Stomach, Breast and Eye-Lids

MohammadReza Ghadir, Khadijeh Hatami, Hiva Amjadi, Akram Pourshams


Disseminated B cells Burkitt's lymphoma with stomach ,breast and eyelid involvement Burkitt's lymphoma in adult is rare and has a progressive pattern in advanced stages. The current case is a 19 year old lady who was admitted in a hospital due to GI bleeding shown as melena. An upper gastrointestinal Endoscopy report remarked a tomural mass lesion and also multiple masses in breast and abdomen Were found in computerized tomography escan. A B cells Burkitt's lymphoma diagnosis came up after biopsies of stomach and breast masses which was confirmed by immunophenotyping done with flowcytometry (CD20, Ki67 = 100%).


Burkitt’s lymphoma; Gastric mass; Breast mass; Eyelid petosis; Gastrointestinal bleeding.

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