MALT Lymphoma of the Rectum: Report of a Case Treated with Chemotherapy

MohammadReza Ghadir, AliReza Bakhshipour, Shadi Kolahdoozan


The gastrointestinal tract is the most frequently involved extranodal location for MALT* lymphomas, but MALT lymphomas of the large intestine are rarely observed. A treatment for colorectal MALT lymphoma has not yet been established. In colonic MALT lymphomas, the literature suggests that surgical resection of localized lesion may be the best choice. In the present case, combination of multi-agent chemotherapy and radiotherapy was effective, though a long-term follow-up is definitively needed. In this report, a 56 year-old man with MALT lymphoma manifesting in colonoscopy as multiple mucosal discolorations and some localized granularity of the rectum mucosa is presented.


MALT Lymphomas;Gastrointestinal Tract; Rectum.

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