Hydatid Cyst of the Liver with Portal Thrombosis: A Case Report

Nasrin Milani, Najmeh Majidi, Laden Goshayesh


The infection caused by Echinococcus can affect various organs of the body, especially the liver. A 66-year-old woman with a 5-year history of hepatic hydatid cyst was referred to the hospital with the symptoms of new-onset severe abdominal pain without abdominal tenderness and distension. The results of Doppler ultrasound and triphasic computed tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed right and left hepatic venous thrombosis with portal thrombosis and giant hydatid liver cysts. The patient received treatment with anticoagulant and albendazole. The extensive involvement of the liver due to hydatid cyst, the invasion of hydatid cyst to the portal vein, and the resulting portal vein thrombosis are rare complications of hydatid cyst that have been reported in less than ten cases to date. The diagnosis and treatment of hydatid liver cyst and its rare complications in infected patients, such as thrombosis, should be critically considered.


Hydatid cyst; Echinococcus; Thrombosis; Hepatomegaly

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