The Relationship between Cognitive Emotion Regulation and the Severity of Emotional Distress in Patient with Psychosomatic Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

Maryam Saeed, Bita Nasrolahi, Naser Ebrahimi Drayani



     Gastrointestinal disorders are ranked first among medical disorders to seek psychiatric consultation. Various researches report multiple causes for  and emphasize the role of psychological factors in causing or exacerbating symptoms of this disorder. Emotional distress highly affects people. Emotional regulation mechanisims are among the factors that could affect the level of emotional distress. The aim of this study was to investigate the predictive role emotional regulation on determining  emotional distress in ipatients with psychosomatic and Functional Gastrointestinal disorder.

 Materials and Methods:

      In this descriptive and correlational study, the population  included 150 patients with FGIDs were selected by purposeful sampling method from indivisuals who referred to a specilalized  clinic for Gastroenterology  in Tehran. The participants completed Garnefski Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire :CERQ-36 )2006 ( and Depression Anxiety Stress Scale DASS-21 (1995). Data analysis was done in SPSS 24 using Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression.


Fndings showed a significant positive relationship between  Maladaptive (negative) emotional  regulation and emotional distress and its components (depression, anxiety, and stress). Also an indirect significant relationship was detected  between Adaptive (positive) emotional regulation and two components of emotional distress  in which adaptive emotional  regulation  signicantly predict depression  and stress as  two components  of emotional distress .


Positive (adaptive) cognitive  regulation Mechanisim  play a role in decreasing the severity of emotional distress in individuals with Functional  Gastrointestinal disorders/


Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGIDs) , Positive and negative cognitive emotion regulation, emotional distress

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