Body Mass Index and ABO Blood Groups amongDifferent Ethnicities of the Golestan Cohort Study Subjects

Elham Jafari, Vahid Sebghatollahi, Shadi Kolahdoozan, Elham Elahi, Akram Pourshams



ABO blood groups are associated with some important chronic diseases. Obesity as a major risk factor of chronic non-communicable diseases is rising rapidly in Iran as well as in developing countries. Understanding the risks for obesity is important for its control. This study seeks to determine if there is any association between ABO blood groups and body mass index (BMI).

Materials and Methods

Weight, height and blood groups were determined for participants of the Golestan Cohort Study in order to find any associations between ABO blood groups and BMI.


Prevalences of overweight and obesity in participants (mean age: 52.1±8.0 years) were 33.9 and 25.4 , respectively. Mean weight and BMI were significantly higher in blood group A, females and those of Turkman ethnicity. After adjustments for age, sex and ethnicity, there was no association noted between BMI and ABO blood group.


The prevalence of obesity and overweight in Iran is high, as seen in developing countries. There is no association between BMI and ABO blood groups in the Golestan cohort population, but Turkman ethnicity and female gender are associated with higher BMI.


Blood groups; BMI; Ethnicity

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