Case Report: Tooth-Brush Ingestion by Woman without Mental Illness

Reza Ansari, MohammadReza Ghadir, Fatemeh Attari, AeyedHasan Hashemi


Foreign body ingestion especially in large sizes is seen in children and people with mental illness like mental retardation. The patient is a 19-year-old woman without mental illness. She swallowed one tooth-brush during tooth- brushing, which passed through the esophagus and went in to the stomach and stuck there. After primary endoscopy, was determined that tooth-brush was adult size and its sides had stuck in the stomach walls. The patient had no systemic symptoms as fever, tachycardia... and abdominal pain.The tooth-brush like ingested one was provided and after testing by snare was determined appropriate way to exit it, then the patient was endoscopied again. By endoscope, snare was put between brush spaces in suitable place, then was gone out. In the pharynx part regarding largeness brush curve, was demanded the patient to swallow her saliva. Tooth-brush was exited by hand successfully and without any complication.


Tooth-brush ingestion, Stucking in the stomach, Going out with snare

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