Review of Gastric Cancer in Iran

Reza Malekzadeh, AliReza Sadjadi, Ayna Riahi


Gastric cancer is the most common GI cancer. It has a very high incidence rate in the northeastern Iran.Contrary to western countries and Japan, the incidence of gastric cancer has been increasing in Iran during the past two decades. Helicobacter Pylori infection is the most important risk factor for developing gastric cancer. However, the presence and influence of other environmental and genetic cancer is considered necessary. Poverty, low consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable, high nitrate in the food and heavy smoking are among the most important risk factors. Primary prevention with H. Pylori eradication especially in countries like Iran where a large number of people are infected is still in doubt. Using Pepsinogen as a predictive factor for gastric cancer is still under investigation. Currently, there are several studies assessing the precision of measuring serum Pepsinogen 1 and 2 in relation with mucosal atrophy of gastric body and antrum in Iranian patients. The results of these studies and other prospective investigations can be a big help in identification of gastric cancer risk factors and prediction of its incidence.


Gastric cancer;Iran;Epidemiology; Helicobacter pylori

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