Reye Syndrome with Uncommon Manifestations:A Case Report

Ahmad Shajari, Hasan Salman-Roghani, Shokouh Taghipour, Maryam Kheirandish


Reye's syndrome is defined as fatty liver degeneration and acute encephalopathy following diffused abnormal mitochondrial activity. We reported a two year old girl admitted with lethargy and meningismus Despite no evidence of blood sugar decrease, history of previous viral disease or drug use, complete tests showed Reye syndrome as the final diagnosis. Conservative protocols and treatment including carnitine and antibiotic therapy were administered and finally, the patient was discharged in good condition. Normal blood sugar, no evidence of previous viral infection or drug use are uncommon manifestations in Reye's syndrome which were present in this case. Treatment included carnitine and antibiotic therapy with considerable response.


Reye's syndrome; Meningismus; Viral infection.

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