Celiac Disease Manifesting with Deep Venus Thrombosis: A Case Report

AeyedHasan Abedi, Hasan Taheri


Celiac disease has protean manifestations. In this report, a 24 year-old young female with celiac disease and acute lower extremity deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is presented. The patient was a 24 year-old female who presented with long standing diarrhea, 8 kg weight loss in the recent month, lower extremity edema, petechiae and purpura. Laboratory exam demonstrated very high titers of IgA antiendomysial antibody and IgAanti-tTG plus a positive histology. Doppler sonography revealed the presence of acute DVT in common femoral vein expanding towards distal. Due to increased PT and PTT and protein C deficiency, vitamin K deficiency as a consequence of celiac disease was suggested. With the initiation of gluten free diet, vitamin K replacement and anticoagulant therapy, symptoms resolved in few days. Six months later, she had a weight gain of 20 kg. It is highly recommended to evaluate patients with chronic diarrhea,weight loss and DVT for celiac disease markers.


Celiac disease; IgA antiendomysial; IgA anti-tTG; Acute DVT.

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