High Frequency of Fatty Liver in Ultrasonography of Patients with Celiac Disease in Northeast Iran

Hadise Heydarpour, Zahra Norouzi, Zahra Rashidian, Fazel Isapanah Amlashi, Somayeh Livani, Sima Besharat



Celiac disease (CD), or as it is called gluten enteropathy, could result in various complications such as liver abnormalities. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects 25.2% of individuals worldwide and has become one of the most common causes of cirrhosis. This study aimed to report the frequency of fatty liver in ultrasonography of patients with CD in Golestan province, Northeast Iran.

Materials and Methods:

In this cross-sectional study, patients diagnosed with CD based on a positive anti-tTG Ab and proved by small bowel biopsy were recruited between March 2018 and March 2020 (N=80), through the registry system located in Golestan Research Center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Northeast Iran. Ultrasonography was performed and the fatty liver diagnosis was done based on attenuation of the liver itself (less than 40 Hounsfield Unit (HU)) or in comparison with the spleen (liver attenuation≤10, than spleen).


Among 80 patients with CD (46 women, mean age 39.13±12.5 years), fatty liver was reported in 34 (43.5%), which was mild in 31 (39%), moderate in 2 (2.5%), and severe in 1 (1.3%) patients. One cirrhosis and no hepatomegaly were found.


In the present study, fatty liver was seen in 43.5% of our patients, which is a large amount. It may be suggested to do a closer follow-up of the complications of CD.


Celiac disease, Fatty liver disease, Gastroenterology

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