Concurrent Large Splenic and Multiple Liver Hydatid Cysts Treatment with a Novel Surgical intervention: A Case Report

Khosrow Najjari, Hossein Zabihi Mahmoudabadi, Lida Mohmmadi, Bahareh Ghane


Hydatid cysts can occur in any organ. The common sites are the liver, lungs, and rarely the spleen, bone, thyroid, pancreas, and breast.The patient was a young man presenting with abdominal pain and a left upper quadrant mass. On physical examination, the abdomen was soft without tenderness, and splenomegaly was palpable. Sonography showed a large cyst in the spleen with multiple cysts in both liver lobes.Surgical intervention: The patient underwent splenectomy and cholecystectomy for better access to liver cysts. Multiple cysts of the liver were drained by open cyst evacuation, and the other ones were drained under ultrasound guidance intraoperatively by cysts aspiration, injection of hypertonic saline solution, and re-aspiration.The patient was discharged in good condition. The rarity of simultaneous hydatid cyst of the liver and spleen and utilizing ultrasound guidance in surgery with success have made this surgical intervention novel.


Hydatid cysts, Abdominal pain, Liver, Surgical intervention

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