Developing a Model for Resilience Training Special for Children with Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome: A Qualitative Approach

Shekoufeh Nikneshan, Ahmad Abedi, Mohsen Golparvar, Fatemeh Famouri, Peiman Nasri



Resilience is a positive and influential construct for human actions and reactions, providing human beings of all ages a constructive and valuable role for adaptation and coping with different conditions. The aim of the present study was to develop a model of resilience training for children with functional abdominal pain syndrome using deductive qualitative content analysis technique.

Materials and Methods:

The research employed an analytical content analysis technique. The purposive sampling method was used to select 30 written sources about the subject of resilience. Then the contents of books and articles were analyzed to find resilience components. In this study, the resilience components were first extracted, then as the main theme, the main component and sub-components were classified. Finally, the validity and reliability of the above mentioned model were examined.


Totally, six main themes and 17 main components were obtained. The main themes included: individual competence and skills, emotional competence, cognitive behavioral competence, family competence and support, ability to attract social support, and social competence. The main components were: individual skills/psychological competencies, positive axial self-assessment, psychological capital, coping with stress, emotional regulation/emotion control, emotional regulation/emotional control, perceptual control/behavioral control, perceptual coping/behavioral coping, parenting competence, secure attachment, cohesion and continuity, participation, support attraction, belongingness, communication with peers, and competence based on social and communication skills.


The resilience training model for children with functional abdominal pain syndrome, which developed in this study, can be used in the formulation of resilience training for children with functional abdominal pain syndrome.


Resilience, Children, Comprehensive model, Abdominal pain

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