Comparison of the Components of Mental Health and Binge Eating in Patients with Celiac Disease and Healthy Individuals

Faezeh Bahrami Galejoogh, Farnaz Farshbaf Maneisefat


Celiac disease as a chronic gluten-dependent disease is associated with mental disorders. Therefore, it is essential to study mental health and binge eating, as psychological issues, in these individuals. This study was performed with to compare the components of general health and binge eating in patients with celiac disease and healthy individuals.

Materials and Methods:
The design of the study is descriptive-causal comparative. The statistical population includes all celiac patients and healthy people, aged 18 to 80 years from West Azerbaijan province in year of 2016. 40 patients that detected celiac disease and referring to gluten-free products from the relevant centers and the gastrointestinal clinic were selected and 40 healthy Individual who were matched with respect to demographic characteristics with celiac patients were selected by available sampling method. The participants answered Goldberg general health questionnaire and Gormally and et. Binge eating scale.

The result of multivariate analysis of variance showed that the mean of somatic symptoms (F = 28.48), anxiety (F = 61.50), depression (F = 17.76), social dysfunction (F = 30.77), and binge eating (F = 32.01) in patients with celiac disease are significantly more than healthy people.

Mental health in patients with celiac disease is significantly worse than healthy people and binge eating in such patients is more common than healthy individuals. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the psychological status of such patients.


celiac disease- Component of mental health, Binge eating, Celiacof general health, binge eating,

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