A 44 Year Old Woman With Acute Pancreatitis And Confusion: Case Report Study

Khatere Mousavi-Fatemi, Nasser Ebrahimi Daryani, Azam Teimouri, Forogh Alborzi


Wernike encephalopathy(WE )caused by thiamine deficiency  was a critical but reversible disorder. It can be occurred after acute pancreatitis due to prolonged fasting. WE after acute pancreatitis was rarely suspected and diagnosed at early stages. We reported a 44 year-old woman with severe acute pancreatitis who developed altered mental status and bilateral nystagmus and ophthalmoplegia soon after 14 days of fasting. The brain MRI confirmed the diagnosis. After empiric treatment with thiamine all of the neurological symptoms reversed except only some antegrade and retrograde amnesia . In this case report considering  thiamine deficiency in any patients with fasting  and neurological symptoms, was addressed since WE  was a reversible disorder if it was diagnosed in early stage.


Wernike encephalopathy, Acute pancreatitis, Nystagmus,Neurological symptoms

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