Relation between Helicobacter pylori Infection with Thyroid Autoantibodies in Dyspeptic Patients

MohammadHossein Antikchi, Hamid Mirhosseini, Maryam SadatSalami, Reza Bidaki, OmidReza Hosseini, AliReza MollaAbasi, Nasroola Bashardoost


Background: Infections attributed to Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) involve almost half of the world's population. One of the effects is auto-antibody induction and cross-reaction with numerous proteins in the body. As a result of its widespread prevalence and importance, this study evaluates the associations between H. pylori and thyroid auto-antibodies.

Materials and Methods: This study enrolled 100 patients who were candidates for gastroesophageal endoscopies that referred to the Yazd Gastrointestinal Clinic. Patients underwent the following laboratory analyses: urease test, anti-H. pylori (IgG), TSH, T4, T3 and thyroid auto-antibodies (anti-thyroglobulin, anti-thyroid peroxides). Patients were divided into two groups of H. pylori positive and negative according to the results of the anti-H. pylori IgG and urease tests.. The level of thyroid auto-antibodies and thyroid function were compared between groups. Data were analyzed with chi-square and t-tests. SPSS software version 17 was used for data analysis.

Results: Overall, 61% of patients were H. pylori positive. The mean anti-Thyroid peroxidase level in the H. pylori positive group was significantly more than the negative group (p‹0.01). In addition, 19.7% of H. pylori positive patients and 5.1% of H. pylori negative patients had positive anti-TPO levels, which the difference between both groups was significant (p‹0.04). There was no significant difference in thyroid function between the two groups.

Conclusion: Although no significant difference in thyroid function was seen in the two groups more patients tested positive for anti- TPO levels in the H. pylori positive group, which was suggestive of thyroid auto-antibody induction by H. pylori


Helicobacter pylori; Thyroid auto-antibody; Thyroid peroxidase; Thyroglobulin; Antibody

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